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Making wet plates; ferrotypes (also known as tintypes) and ambrotypes (images on glass), is the very foundation of photographic roots. It’s what ruled the photographic world in 1851. Now, 163 years later, we are going back to the very basics of this process: this means we mix our own chemistry and use raw materials throughout all the steps. Collodion and ether. Silver nitrate. Sodium thiosulfate. Gum sandarac and lavender oil varnish. We make everything ourselves, and it is satisfying work. We have reached the platform to really dive into this wet plate process and it’s been nourishing something inside of us. It’s been revealing the strength in our partnership as well, as we work together in collaborations and in the darkroom where mutual respect and trust is needed.

You can read more about tintype photography in the article Back in Time, written by Meredith Winn for the Reclaim issue #8 of Taproot Magazine, published January 2013 (pages provided below)