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we are meredith winn and stephen pullan IV.

SPullan bio pic lightened

Stephen lives happily with his true love and flock of children in a trio of solar-powered yurts. When not teaching art, he can be found painting, making music, pursuing the art of old time photography and enjoying the wonders of the natural world. He is a contributor to Taproot Magazine and The Cameramen/Our Collective community. His artwork shows around New England.

MWinn tintype self

Meredith is a photographer and freelance writer. She weaves stories from truth and optical illusions from images. Balancing the digital world with slow photography, she is happiest in her darkroom creating art from silver and light. Her writing and photography can be found in a variety of print publications and books. She is the associate editor of Taproot Magazine and her tintype photography is represented by Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. You can find her tintypes on exhibit in the Enormous Tiny Art Show #15  (winter ’14) as well as the ETA show #16 (fall ’14) and will also be part of the GOOD MAIL DAY exhibit at Artstream Studios Gallery in  Dover, NH (Nov ’14).