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2014 Meredith Winn


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2013 Meredith Winn


2014 Stephen Pullan IV

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2013 Stephen Pullan IV


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show

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    "It seemed she was in a cathedral—if, that is, the earth itself were to dream a cathedral into being over thousands of years."
-Laini Taylor it's ours: a cottage three miles out to sea. it's kinda surreal when dreams (ten years in the making) become reality! it's friday. after the overwhelm, surrounded by a warehouse of boxes and choices and the worry that maybe this was horribly some wrong choice, a bad idea on my part to make this leap of faith. a mistake, all of it including the house and the dream ten years in the making. my husband talks me off the ledge of self doubt and reminds me i’ll probably feel better after it's all packed up in the car. he’s right. i mumble my thanks: to the ceiling, to the stale air, to the concrete floors; mumbling so as not to draw attention to the fact that prayers are on my lips. thank you for this opportunity. and then later after traffic and the chosen routes are at a stand still, siri announces through the speakers “faster route available. save fifteen minutes” and i think of my mother’s shortcuts navigating anywhere and everywhere. she knew all the back roads.. so i click “go” and follow directions on auto-pilot and can’t believe within ten minutes of small town off highway backroads meandering through green grass and stately homes, we are driving right past my mother’s grave. we marvel at the synchronicity and randomness of it all, as i look out the driver’s window at the tree where we all stood, the grave site where i lay down and felt her love. “she wanted to see you” my husband says. she’s beside me in the car, somewhere between me and my young teenage son wearing ear buds and she whispers what i now know: that she wants me to be happy. that i should allow the happiness. every mother only really truly wants happiness for their child. that's all. but it hits me sideways, straight to the heart. my superstitious mother, who raised us with weird supernatural quirks, who saw the ghost of her own dead mom, who felt her presence and acknowledged her energy with a simple “hi mom.” because it brought comfort, even in the missing, even buried in grief. and now in death, it's her turn to visit me, to bring comfort to the daughter who learned to mother herself. “hi mom,” i say out the window into the New England air, “thank you.” she always said i'd love it up here.
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    studio time with skull and crossed feathers. image by @artfarmer vintage seamstress. I love the happy accidents that come with collodion. the solar flare (meteorite) that appeared on this plate adds to the aesthetic. this tintype will be joining others at the Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH next month. -meredith these swallowtail butterflies will be part of the Good Mail Day exhibit at Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH. {60 artists, all original work, all postcard size.} art opening Nov 7th for those of you local! I'm thrilled to have four of my tintypes showing here. -meredith today in the studio (tintypes heading to an art gallery at the end of the month) @camerashymomma