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2014 Meredith Winn


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2013 Meredith Winn


2014 Stephen Pullan IV

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2013 Stephen Pullan IV


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show

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  • @camerashymomma

    fever. testosterone. three teenage boys. kitten's first christmas tree. this light while the snow falls. the entertainer. amazing grace. today, thank you for music. the first snowfall. the way it sparkles and makes life beautiful again. the spaces between us. the hunt for a tiny christmas tree. and the way he always turns back to check on me. (the things i want to remember from this place in life.) that pause before the breakdown while the migraine looms overhead, permeating through every pore and blood vessel, each throb screams 'beg me.' like a vengeful god, like a bully pinning you to the ground, his knees on your shoulders, his spit in your hair: beg me for forgiveness. for understanding. for explanations with answers that won't come. cry uncle. cry mercy. just cry. this is the pause while you skirt the edge of tears, every day this week until friday while waiting for pandora's box to arrive at the end of your dirt driveway. the shipping pod that holds the remaining contents of your dead parents house; the items you and your husband packed last december. you fear what you’ll find in there, because there are entire months missing from your memory; you search through your own camera roll like a voyeur searching for clues as to who you were and what you did last year at this time, thanks to memory gaps from recovery or trauma or coping mechanisms. 509 days since your father died and exactly nine months since you watched your mother take her last breath. the paperwork doesn't end. the legalese and the phone calls and the bank requesting yet another form and the kind fatherly voice of your dad’s attorney who steps in because he sees you floundering with banks and IRS and accountants and realtors and courts. and somehow you have to admit that you are not strong enough, not smart enough, not able bodied enough to do it all on your own. and you keep pushing away sadness because the reality is a sinkhole so big that it might swallow you entirely. so it's easier to skirt the edges while peering down below, than actually do the hard work of tying a lifeline to your waist and venturing into what scares you most. so you write out the grief just to skim from the top, but you never allow yourself space to process. but now: this pause before pandora’s box arrives and you know it's going to blow yourself wide open but there's simply no stopping it. never stop seeking inspiration.
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    studio time with skull and crossed feathers. image by @artfarmer vintage seamstress. I love the happy accidents that come with collodion. the solar flare (meteorite) that appeared on this plate adds to the aesthetic. this tintype will be joining others at the Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH next month. -meredith these swallowtail butterflies will be part of the Good Mail Day exhibit at Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH. {60 artists, all original work, all postcard size.} art opening Nov 7th for those of you local! I'm thrilled to have four of my tintypes showing here. -meredith today in the studio (tintypes heading to an art gallery at the end of the month) @camerashymomma