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2014 Meredith Winn


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2013 Meredith Winn


2014 Stephen Pullan IV

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2013 Stephen Pullan IV


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show

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    "I've been waking up at sunrise. I've been following the light across my room. I watch the night receive the room of my day. Some people say the sky is just the sky. But I say:
Why deny the obvious child?" -Paul Simon both of their faces greet me at the window. they are yin and yang. hazel being the ultimate introvert, she has the power of invisibility. #hazythemainecoon #phoebetheragdollkitty My first Maine summer, when we cruised around by boat, i didn't quite know where i was yet, only that at a certain point in the journey i was overwhelmed at the sight of lobstermen pulling in traps and feeling the sun and wind and the saltiest ocean spray. my happy tears surprised me, it was all strangely familiar, yet happening in a place i had never lived. i couldn't believe my luck at landing on this spot on earth. later, i mentioned this feeling (like joy bubbling over) as if i'm residing in a favorite children's book, page after page of beauty and nature and bliss. my Mother-in-law said “Oh, that's Pumpkin Knob! Yes, it always reminds me of Miss Rumphius, the lupine lady.” yesterday when i left our cottage, i drove a loop around the island to get to the back shore, as i usually do before waiting for the ferry back to the mainland. and not far from our home, it hits me at least once, when i round the bend and the island faces out to the open sea, a slow smile stretches across my goofy face and the lump rises in my throat. home. home. home, it whispers. and before i know it, i’m smiling and laughing and crying, overcome with happiness and a total sense of belonging for what might be the first time in my 42 years of nomadic existence. yes, please. (and thank you.) "The truth is that I never shook my shadow. Every day it's trying to trick me into doing battle. Calling out 'faker' only get me rattled. Wanna pull me back behind the fence with the cattle. Building your lenses. Digging your trenches. Put me on the front line. Leave me with a dumb mind. With no defenses. But your defenses. If you can't stand to feel the pain then you are senseless.

Since this, I've grown up some. Different kinda fighter. And when the darkness comes, let it inside you. Your darkness is shining. My darkness is shining. Have faith in myself. Truth." -Alexander Ebert
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    studio time with skull and crossed feathers. image by @artfarmer vintage seamstress. I love the happy accidents that come with collodion. the solar flare (meteorite) that appeared on this plate adds to the aesthetic. this tintype will be joining others at the Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH next month. -meredith these swallowtail butterflies will be part of the Good Mail Day exhibit at Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH. {60 artists, all original work, all postcard size.} art opening Nov 7th for those of you local! I'm thrilled to have four of my tintypes showing here. -meredith today in the studio (tintypes heading to an art gallery at the end of the month) @camerashymomma