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2014 Meredith Winn


2013 Meredith Winn


2013 Meredith Winn


2014 Stephen Pullan IV

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2013 Stephen Pullan IV


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show


2013 Meredith Winn sold at Nahcotta Gallery in the Enormous Tiny Art Show

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    as a mother you try to protect them for as long as you can. but media trickles in with the flash of news across a restaurant tv screen and suddenly you're in the middle of conversations about the NRA and government officials and gun laws and honestly honesty honesty. my parents never spoke like this; did they have to? or were they complacent and yes, happily republican, in a time when life felt so very different than how it feels now? or am i just a middle aged mom, a liberal raised by conservatives, an empath woman raising an empath son and fumbling through this razor sharp world? i often don't know what i’m doing. am i being honest? am i being too honest? i’m doing all i can to channel my frustration/sadness/anger towards legislative action and common sense gun laws. i’m just saying, it's a heavy heart when your 7th grader simply doesn't want to go to school because of recent school shootings and he’s able to express his sadness and rage at the office of the president while questioning the state of the union and the illusion of safety in this world he is navigating. @everytown #endgunviolence hello love. happy valentine's day! {homemade love for my love on his birthday} he's the most encouraging, positive, and creatively supportive husband around, so i wanted to make him something special for his 45th year. i drew this and carved it, then held my breath as i inked it and pulled the first print from it. i could.not.wait to give it to him this morning! life intersects and intertwines. weeks become months become years, until you look around one day and wonder if there was ever a time when you did not wake to see their face each morning. happy birthday to my favorite man @artfarmer “we are all a little weird and life’s a little weird and when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
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    studio time with skull and crossed feathers. image by @artfarmer vintage seamstress. I love the happy accidents that come with collodion. the solar flare (meteorite) that appeared on this plate adds to the aesthetic. this tintype will be joining others at the Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH next month. -meredith these swallowtail butterflies will be part of the Good Mail Day exhibit at Artstream Studios Gallery in Dover, NH. {60 artists, all original work, all postcard size.} art opening Nov 7th for those of you local! I'm thrilled to have four of my tintypes showing here. -meredith today in the studio (tintypes heading to an art gallery at the end of the month) @camerashymomma